Hasaki Team Ginko

  • Hasaki Team Ginko 2,5 years BORN: 02.11.2010.

    Ginko is our only brindle akita. She comes from Hasaki Team kennel.

    Ginko was introduced to our pack when she was already grown up.
    Perfectly angulated, very strong with big bones but still very free in the movement and very agile.

    She has outstanding hip and elbow scan (HD:A, ED:0).
    Hasaki Team Ginko 2012

Pedigree of Hasaki Team Ginko

Hasaki Team Ginko

D'Koutaro De Dan Jourdain

B'Tenzan Go Of Kamino Ken

Kasuga Go Shirai

Kaori Go Musashi Aiwa

U'Itoshi De Dan Jourdain

O'Kaminari D'Obakosow

Takamé Go Yuisow

Amari Kirei Akamba

Miryokunihonno Sinzyu Tooyoogakusia Go
Kato Delle Bianche Vallate


Hasaki Team Farah

Shichi Nicky Necky

Hasaki Team Scalli
This pedigree was generated by http://www.akitapedigree.com

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